Costa Mesa, CA (November 15, 2008): First, there was the opposable thumb, which quickly led to the advent of fire. The evolution of brilliant design moved through such benchmarks as the printing press and those cool ball-point pens that let you choose red, black, or blue ink before leading us to this: Armada's new terrain park and all-mountain ski, the Alpha 1.

"Armada has never been afraid to tinker with common design ideas," says team rider and co-founder Tanner Hall. "We changed the powder-ski game with the ARG, and the Alpha 1 will change the game in-bounds in a similar way."

The Alpha 1 proves that the patented "Elf Shoe Tech" Armada uses in its ARG and JJ powder skis has important applications on the firmer snow of the park and piste. By moving the wide points inward, midway between the ski's ends and center, the tip and tail of the Alpha 1 utilize the profile of a rockered ski to gradually lift off the snow's surface, while the lengthy sidecut and camber underfoot ensure maximum edge control and stability at high speeds.

"The extended tip and tail on the Alpha 1 do two things," explains Armada pro Jacob Wester. "First, they ensure good flotation in softer snow and crud. Second-and this is where it gets really good-it revolutionizes your ability to pressure the tips and tails when buttering jumps or pressing rails and boxes."

The Alpha 1 features the patented AR 50 Sidewall that combines the best qualities of cap and sidewall constructions to enhance strength, improve edge control, and dramatically lower swing weight as well as a Comp Series base for improved speed in all snow conditions and a 2.5 mm Impact edge.

"These skis are going to change the way we ride park and pipe," Jacob declares. "Some day we'll look back at traditional skis and laugh like the cavemen must have laughed at the monkeys."

Don't mess with the traditional skis, Jacob. After all, those monkeys threw poop at the cavemen.

Armada Skis Inc. is the premier rider-owned, rider-driven ski company in the industry today. Established in 2002, Armada is a family of athletes, artists, designers and engineers. The company is privately held with headquarters in Costa Mesa, California an international office in Zürich, Switzerland and distribution in over 30 countries worldwide.

Armada is what skiing will become.