There have been plenty of debates in the past few years regarding who has the most stacked team; is it Faction, K2, Atomic...but in my opinion it is Armada for one reason that the brands listed before can't stack up to and that is the camaraderie between the crew.

If you watched the Dew Tour team challenge this year, it was apparent that the Armada team are more like a family than a group of riders that happen to ride for the same brand and had to get together to ski for a day. SKIBOSS was followcam-ing/stoking out everyone during their runs, Pat Goodnough was team captain/chicken king/hypeman, TM Dan Villaire showed out, then Quinn, Torin and Dollo all laid down nasty runs. All of that plus their pseudo-team uniforms for the cherry on top, Armada is truly a stacked team.

Quinn During TC Jibs

Henrik In Slopestyle For Gold

I'm sure other members of the teams that competed that day are all homies too but it's undeniable that the Armada squad is living up to the beginning ethos of the brand: "This crew was poised to adapt the team-based model of snowboarding and skateboarding to a ski brand...Armada. What skiing will become." With legends like THALL and Henrik guiding young bosses like Quinn Wolferman and Torin Yater-Wallace, the future of talent is very bright.

It's apparent they're an actual team, relying on each other for support, advice, and stoke both on and off the mountain. Armada continues to push the boundaries in skiing and doesn't look like they plan on stopping.