Writing from south Argentina, everyone listen at least one time the word "Patagonia", well it's not just one place it almost half Argentina and Chile. So if you are taking the idea to continue skiing just stars looking around here because we have great skiing and freeride stuff.

Backcountry lines located in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina.

My name is Tomas Popritkin im professional photographer based in Bariloche, looking forward to the upcoming season,

who is ready for summer skiing? i could help anyone to travel here getting information about the skiing in the zone and make good content like this:

Rider: Mateo Bonacalza

Rider: Nahue Medrano

Rider: Angel Villegas searching for lines
Rider: Nicolas Salencon turning into deep powder in the woods

Hope you enjoyed the article and see you soon in Argentina. I'm open to answer any question about my home town o the area.

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See u soon.