I have been totally out of capacity to blog for the last two days due to sickness. It has to be atleast a year since last time I had the flu, but it sucks whenever you get it.

Well, I did go skiing in Åre second day in a row on Thursday with Vegard Hokstad from Trondheim. It was sunny and freezing cold, but what a wonderful day! Vegard set the bar for longjump at Åre’s first jump in the bigline. 30 meter straightair? The impact was so hard he lost both his skis and his goggles had fallen down on his neck. What a champ!

Hard landings and wind made it hard for us to do something cool here. We mostly hung out in the medium-park and hit rails, which was plenty of fun!

Mr. Salomon!

Right now I would have loved to be in a snowcat, building jumps in Storlien, but instead I have the pleasure of lying on the couch all drugged out with painkillers.  I wanna go skiing so bad!