Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. Arcade is a belt company. So what are we doing making suspenders? Well these aren’t your ordinary, average, run-of-the-mill, grandpa suspenders.

These are Arcade suspenders.

The problem with most suspenders is they’re hard to put on, slip off your shoulders quicker than a prom dress and were built with no thought into how the user wears them.

We eliminated two hard-to-clip-on, back-digging alligator clips and simplified the wearing process with a unique two-buckle, gun-holster style design. The holster style design not only makes a suspender that doesn’t slip off your shoulders but is extraordinarily comfortable to wear. Extra wide, high-tensile nylon webbing holds up the heaviest of pants and top grain, embossed leather accents round out the two unique designs.

Lastly, try to find the stash pocket used to hide your most discrete possessions ...or chapstick.

To view, purchase or simply learn more about the Arcade Belt Co. Suspenders visit or one of your fine local or online retailers.