Hey whaddup newschoolers community,

So I'm fairly new to the community here, usually just viewing videos to help learn how to hit rails, boxes, jumps, etc. Im also fairly new back to the sport. I only just got back on skis last year, after a 5 year absence due to me out growing my small Ontario hill. Then last year moved up to Sault, Ste. Marie, On and discovered the largest hill in Ontario, Searchmont, in my back yard! (trust me its not much to boast aboutt lol 780ft vertical drop). but still a great improvement to what I was used too.

Since getting back to the sport and riding my first pair of twin tips, I set my sights on the only thing us ontario boys can excel at, which is park and slopestyle skiing. And so This year I've decided I'm going to push myself to get better at doing some cool tricks. And since the hill has opened, I've gotten my ass out to the there atleast twice a week in between school, and started hitting the boxes, pipes, rails, a few booters that are set up. The only really cool "tricks", if you would really even call them that, that i can do is hit rails, boxes, pipes straight on, or slide side ways, landing either forward or switch, with some difficulty. I've managed to land a 360 spin on a box a few times which was an absolute blast. and just some big airs i guess with some fun grabs as well. and im fine riding switch, popping 180s.

I DONT CLAIM TO BE AWESOME OR ANYTHING CLOSE! I just wanna learn and get better so I figured I might aswell share with you guys where I'm at so you can better understand.

And so finally I ask, do you guys have any tips or advice for how to ride park? Any techniques for keeping control of rotation aswell as centered when sliding some pretty crazy rails and terrain features? maybe some cool or simple tricks that I could practice? Or anything that you guys feel might be helpful would be greatly appreciated. I'm just a newbie trying to rise up in the ranks.

I look forward to hearing what kinda of response, if any, this gets, as well as posting about my progress in this coming season.

The Jackel