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In honour of Andy Parry's 28th birthday, we scoured the internet and compiled all the best Andy content we could find. If you think we missed something, simply throw the link in the comments and we'll update the article when we have a chance.


Illustration by Geoff Balkman / Sketchy Lines

Photo: Full Tilt Boots

Photo: Paul Braunstein /

Photo: Ethan Stone /

Photo: Dan Brown / Line Skis

Photo: Dan Brown / Line Skis


Andy sits down with Ski The East in December 2011 and discusses his knee injury, traveling circus, his favorite food, latest kiss, space alien women, weird grinds, Will's haunted bedroom, and uncoordinated old people.

Andy’s first urban rail.

And his first edit to a dope song.

Lets take it back to the winter of 2004 .. a decade ago Andy Parry was a troubled youth who hadn't quite honed his wizard skills but still through down.

Chocolate Origami.

Ski slide, 50-50 or whatever you call it is a key part of many wizard tricks. Master this trick and more will follow.

Andy fights back against the evil wizards and the blood hungry aliens to regain the "Hippie Killer".

Watch Andy fall and maybe get hurt. When you trying alien grinds who knows what can go wrong

Andy performs a Man Bear Pig in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Can’t forget the Dick Squeeze

The Mal Chinko Trick Tip.

Driving in Kansas with Andy.

Andy’s first Gypsy Killer.

Andy greasing a zig-zag rail.

Traveling Circus goes to Seattle to pick up a new home.

Andy Parry describes his love for poutine at iF3 2013 from Montreal.

Will Wesson & Andy Parry (with special guest writer Ethan Stone) grabbed the Line Traveling Circus Van from Seattle and cruised across the great country of the US and A and made it to Montreal, Quebec for the International Freeskiing Film Festival.

Twilight Zone With Andy Parry

This is Andy’s brother, Alex.

Tell a Friend Tour 2013 - Episode 1

Tell a Friend Tour 2013 - Episode 2

Tell a Friend Tour 2013 - Episode 3

Tell a Friend Tour 2014 - First Weekend

Tell a Friend Tour 2014 - Second Weekend

Tell a Friend Tour 2014 - Third Weekend

Tell a Friend Tour 2014 - Fourth Weekend

And of course, all of Line Traveling Circus