Words: Bob Lilly

Pics: Bob Lilly and Corey Lilly

By now you've undoubtedly heard tales of Line's Traveling Circus, Andy Parry, wizard tricks, van life, & your buddy's Van Bear Pig sightings out on the open road. Put in enough road time, like Andy Parry has, and its easy to see what makes up this side of skiing. And it ain't no X-games, big fancy resorts, or superpipes – it's that frozen blood, sweat, & shinbang put in by the locals keeping that little, tetanus infested park going or that backyard setup up to Home Depot's finest standards. That right there was reason enough for Andy and crew to hit the pavement to come ski with you! 2015 makes year number 3 of Andy's Tell A Friend Tour with Canaan Valley, WV marking the spot for stop #7. This being the first time TAFT has made it to Canaan, West Virginia.

Driving the van, Andy and the rest of the Line Skis crew rolled into the parking lot around 10am. Before even making it onto the hill, a crowd gathered and the team was already tossing swag in exchange for the correct answers to the most random trivia questions. After a few rounds and some more meet-and-greets, Andy gathers the crew and heads towards the park.

The crew gathers for the first jam session of the day

Once the gang made it to the park it didn't take long for the first jam session of the day to organically take shape. This one would be on a 20' flat bar. With Andy yelling out different tricks for kids to land for more swag, chaos quickly ensues and the jam is on. "Who did the 540 earlier, first!?" yells Andy. Three kids yell out "Me!" simultaneously. "Wanna facemask?" says Andy. Pointing back up the hill Andy then yells "Alright, try that 180 again and you try that 360 alright? And we're gonna take a lap."

Andy handing out swag for the first 540

As the jam progress's the tricks get a little weirder. Soon the Wizard himself (Andy Parry for those who live in a cave) begins challenging everyone to do 360's off the side of the rail's jump ramp. If this where at Vail or some big lame, corporate park we would have all been yelled at as most people do. But this is the Tell A Friend Tour and anything goes. The weirder, the better, as long as its fun! Andy even had the director of marketing slide a box for the first time on her old school skis!

skier trash Corey Lilly getting weird

The gang finishes out the flat bar session with Andy rubbing wax on the rail while everyone starts to head towards the lift for a lap. With only a few hundred feet of vert, the laps go by quick and soon everyone is back at the top of the parks first hit. With everyone stoked from the first rail session, it didn't take long for some of the locals to start throwing backflips with the rest of the crew doing what they do best.

Line skier Ross Imburgia

Line skier Dan Dougherty

Canaan locals going all out

About halfway through the day Andy randomly yells out "Anyone wanna go see the van!" Quickly everyone heads down to the parking lot and clicks off their skis. Like a bunch of animals (or skiers), kids start climbing in and out of the van, opening doors, and signing their names on the inside walls of the van and asking where Will Wesson or Ian Compton are. Then Andy pulls out a machete and asks who wants to stab the van! Try pulling this with any other pro skier or celebrity (with the exception of Glen Plake) and you would have already been kicked out. But Andy isn't your average pro and that's why he drove all they way across the country to ski with the bread and butter of the sport of, dare I say Freeski#%*....nah, HotDogging! (Editors Note: ABC, CBS, ESPN, & this ski mag with the same name will not allow the use of the term "FREESKIER" unless we pay them $1 trillion or pizzas.)

The locals taking van tours & leaving their mark

After everyone checked out the van it was time to get back on snow and head to the summit for the first full top to bottom run of the day. Like a gang of gaper slayers and hippy killers, about 2 dozen of us pushed off and made our way down. Slash turns, ollie 180's, side-hits...following Andy our run soon turned into half snow half grass skiing. With about 2/3 of the crew still following, in typical TC fashion, everyone was about to get a taste of some good ol' grass skiing

Andy finding transition

Charlie Dayton leading the way on a grass run

Amidst the random jam sessions, wizard tricks, and grass skiing, Andy even managed to give a few beginners some lessons outside of the park.

Andy squeezing in a private lesson between rail sessions

Line skiers Charlie Dayton and Cole Drexler

After the crews epic summit and grass ski runs everyone began gravitating towards the flat box to see what they had all been waiting for - Wizard tricks. Up first, Hippie Killers. Immediately Andy grabbed everyones attention as he gave a step-by-step break down for everyone to begin trying to land, what would be for most, their first hippy killer. Without hesitation everyone was eager to get weird as the best jam sesh of the day took shape. Hippy killers, bindsouls, jackknifes and every weird combo you could think of got laid out on this 15 footer of a box. As Andy helped coach some of the kids the stoke was at an all-time high for the day and just in time for pizza!

The man, the myth, the hippy killer - Andy Parry

Tall Tee Dan kills hippies too

skier trash Bob Lilly hippy killin'

Maximum stoke at one of many rail sessions

Another hippy killed by a Canaan local

With a solid day of skiing under our belts it was time for pizza and some TC trivia, with kids each drawing raffle tickets for a chance to win some gear. As we walked into the lodge we noticed that even the local news channel showed up! The pizza didn't last long but Andy had managed to recruit 2 skiers for a chugging contest for a chance to win a jacket. First person to finish chugging the fruit punch out of Will Wesson's boots won! After all the pizza and prizes had been eaten and handed out, posters where being signed and pics being taken. Mission complete.

Traveling Circus trivia time. Andy raffling off product

Pizza party swag

TAFT Canaan Valley was a success. Thanks to everyone who came out! On to Ohio.

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