The November Slam Contest is closed (12 midnight EST). The votes are in. Any votes that come in after this post has published (midnight EST) are NOT counted.

It was a hard-faught battle between Libby, the J3 Racer from Middlebury, Vermont who crashed hard in her GS race and Cedar Jocks, the man who attracted a love-hate relationship with people in the blog comment area, a freeskier who ripped his derriere wide open in Breckenridge, Colorado.

It was neck and neck for the 4 days since Cedar submitted, with Libby getting mad support from her friends on Facebook. It looked like she might just catch up to Cedar…

… but in the end, it was…

Libby McCusker who pulled out the unbelievable upset with a late flurry of TWEETS, reeling in 406 FB Likes and 214 Tweets for a total of 620 VOTES! She wins the and wins the back protector!

Cedar Jocks was KILLING IT for days now, but in the end Libby’s Tweet mania knocked him off the top spot. Cedar got a total of 492 FB Like votes and 9 Tweets for a total of 501 votes;

Chad Lichtenberger with 98 FB Likes and 3 Tweets (101 votes) wins a T-Shirt.

Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 7.00.18 PM

Thank you everyone for participating and for those who are a bit are a bit heated about the final outcome, I can only tell you to come back in December, submit your best slam vid and get those votes in.

Libby McCusker, the J3 Racer from Middlebury Vermont takes home the 2nd Skin