Finland has been a mega factory of insanely talented skiers for more than a decade now. Every winter seems to bring up new upcoming skiers that we had never heard of. Now, when these guys take up their park skills to the streets, they usually don't do it lightly.

Back in the day the Nipwitz crew managed to set the bar high by using a high-speed winch for their stunts. They basically pushed the limit of going big in the street to a new extreme. Then came Real Skifi, who changed the way people saw skiing with their outer worldly ideas (and still do, check out their latest video here:

Shot from Nipwitz's BRAIN MASSSAGE

Keeshlife then took the stage to showcase some of the cleanest skiing we had ever seen and they are still to this day some of the most respected skiers in the game. As for Forre, I'll leave it at that.

Last year though, a new and seemingly unknown group of guys emerged from the land of the darker sun. The three-skier crew has already put out two short films called Speedbumb and Speedbumb 2. What is interesting about them is that they don't seem to have any big budget, no sponsors, yet arguably go as big as the big guys out there. It is a pleasure to see how they approach features differently and how they all can add their own flavor to a street part without it feeling out of place. I talked to Aapo Myllarinen to hear what he had to say about his latest film.

Shot from Speedbumb2

From what I've gathered, the boys don't have much time to spend in the streets. All three members of the ski crew have been -- and still are -- doing full time studies in different cities during the winter. They could be waiting for up to more than two weeks between each trip. This means that whenever the opportunity arises, off they go to either find or hit a spot. What helps their cause though is that, according to Aapo, you don't get kicked out nearly as often as you would in America (talk about a big plus!).

Their dedication shows in the fact that they still manage to put out bangers despite a very small crew: "There's always like 2 guys, it's usually just you and the filmer but sometimes there are a few other guys" says Aapo.

Arguably one of the best street shots of the year can also be attributed to the Speedbumb crew; Juho's tight wallslide through the staircase, mostly because how could someone even think of that? The online community definitely has gone mad over that one. There is also the gap through the trees, Ian Compton style except Mr.Cederstrom then lands and completes a heavy-kinked down-flat-down. So many other tricks could be mentioned here that you should just go and (re)watch it:

We've also talked about the newest Finnish ski crews that may not have been on your radar this year. 888anam has only dropped one street edit so far but we should be on the lookout for some more content. Also, in case you haven't seen it, PAAKKU dropped an insane, skate-flick-like movie this fall called PAAKKU 22, you can watch it here: ( don't wanna miss out on that one.

Shots from PAAKKU 22

Now how could Oliver Hoblitzelle's Meet me at the Sauna not be mentioned here? Best edit of the year? Its team has all your favourite rider's favourite riders, with some breathtaking footage as well as gnarly and creative skiing. What could you ask more?

My personal favourite shot from that one

And last but not least we recently have been blessed by the online release of Forre's latest, CAST. The mix of banger street shots, beautiful cinematography, and flawless editing will have you glued to your watching device of choice.

Given all that's been said, let's hope the new year brings even more good things from our beloved Finnish counterparts, which never cease to amaze us by their creativity, style, and overall beautiful skiing.