The teaser for "Outdoor Education" just dropped, as did the startling, earth shattering, [insert YOUR epic verb HERE] news the film will be released to the public this fall for the over-the-top price of $0.00, or as some call it, FREE! These guys never cease to amaze me. Mind you these are the same people responsible for:1) Driving an RV across Canada in order to get the word out on their company and last year's film, "More For The Astronauts" 2) Reinventing toe-standing3) Throwing a fashion show in Whistler, rocking the very foundation of the location. 4) Contributing to what Doug, Schmuck, and I all agree was the best office party ever. Seriously. Ever single dude at the office ended up making out with chicks as we took over the bar. Spread the word, Voleurzians are great wingmen.In honor of their voluerzness, I'm dedicating this week's edition of LINKS! to them. Keep on rocking guys! Click the links below!For more on the Voleurz family, click here. For Voleurz's site and videos produced throughout the year, click hereFor toe-standing, click here AND hereFor a recap of the fashion show, click here!For a look at who's reviewing next year's clothing line, click here!(shwing!)and of course for your exclusive look at next years film, "Outdoor Education," click here!Enjoy, get outdoors, and educate yourself,Rogge