I grew up with a love of tricks, stairs and rails,

10 years a skate rat then the heaviest of bails,

My passion torn from me by ligaments and bones,

A once fulfilled life now full of unknowns.


But then shone a light from another direction,

A plastic shelled boot, a work of perfection,

They may smell horrific, bruise shin, calf and toe,

But they keep my foot on, so I'll let that go.


I hopped on a plane and went powder chasing,

Steep lines and drops, set my heart a-racing,

And as the years passed, I moved into the park,

Then on to the streets to keep skiing after dark.


Now tricks, stairs and rails are back on my mind,

And I've replaced tre flips with spins front and blind,

I live for the mountains, they're part of my being,

All thanks to the boots, that brought me to skiing.