Callum Pettit here. As anyone who's been to Retallack knows, their infamous cat driver Karl the Gnarl is quite the poet, and during this week he wrote a new poem every day that he read to us at dinner. So I figured I'd pay homage to my good friend Karl with a little poem about Cold Rush...

Hi there everybody connecting to the world wide web.

It has been a wild ride here at Cold Rush from the slopes to the bed.

Powder galore to be had.

The terrain is so rad.

We are all here to shred. Not to win.

Hooting and hollering all the way down, it feels good to get out of town.

Into the mountains you are finding new things to slip and slide, jump and ride. Friends in all types of weather.

The whole crew somehow pulled it together.

The feel of that sweet sweet snow.

None of us even wanted to go.

But here I must go and join the rest of the gang, 

It's been a real event and went off with a BANG!