Yes!! Its True. Were back steezyer than ever. Ever since our immaculate conception in 2004, we've been driven by change. Every season being more of a stepping stone for personal creativity and maturity, it just seems every year the ideas get better, and the vibe does as well. Being two teens who live the life you guys live, we understand the monotonous, shallow graphics just don't represent you. We under stand that some kids just don't fit into regular clothes. Thats why we would like to introduce our Tall Tees. Yes, TALL TEES! We have, currently, 2 Tall Tees in our winter line that run from 2XL-3XL. We can get XXXXL if enough people request so start emailing if you want bigger shwag.

Now We understand that you can spend $25.00 on outher goods, but why? Ambush is pure snow, we recognize you, the youth, the feature of this continuously growing sport and we support you, but that can only go so far with out your support. Your the roots that hold this sport in its foundation, and that where we lie, in the roots, we are products of the revolution making products for the revolution. shread for life!

- Collin Wright

07/08 Team:

Ty Battersby

Kevin McClorey

Mike Hornbeck

Colton Wright

Dave Lesh

07/08 Products: We have Tall Tees, Tuuk's (hats), Regular tees and the Classic Line, in stock right now!

SO CHECK IT!>>> http://www.ambushclothing.com !!

AND ADD http://www.myspace.com/ambushclothing FOR UPDATES, VIDEOS, AND LOVE!