Name: Andreas “Ashee” Burri

Born:  Thun, Switzerland

Home Town: Blumenstein BE

Home Mountain: Adelboden

Riding since: 4 years

Shred Set up: Syntax dead Center

What in your eyes made you what you are today?

My passio

How did you get into this?

I love freestyle sport since more than 10 years. I can’t without it.

What is the meaning of style and who’s got it in your eyes?

When a trick looks like easy to made it. Many riders got it.

How would you describe your personal riding style?

I can’t give an answer about a question like this about me.

What’s your best trick you are currently pulling and what are you working on?

My favorite tricks are flat 5 and cork 9 truetail. I work on different switch tricks.

What do you consider a good achievements for a rider and what is yours?

Have fun every day on skis.

Which was your most dangerous moment in your shred life? What happened?

2 big undershoots after each other on big kickers, and big overshoot. my leg was broken.

What do you do when you don’t ride?

Work as a carpenter in summer  otherwise i am skiing almost every day.

In case you wake up in a bad mood, what is there to save your day?

Skiing or hangin’ out with friends…

Let’s say you are the president of our world. What would you change right now?

I would play real hip hop in any radiostations all day.

What is there what money can’t buy for you?

Love and beautyful days with friends anywhere

Here is your plane ticket to AK. Your quiver is ready, so you got 10 minutes to pack your privat 20 liter bag. What would you stuff inside?

Aladdins magic wonderlamp.

What music do you listen to?

Mostly hip hop and reggae.

What pisses you off big time?

Hmmmm? Probably perfect weather but the chairlifts are not working because it’s to windy.

What do you do to really calm down in case you are pissed off?

Listen music or go skiing

Thank you for your time.