Camp is looking real good up here at Alyeska Resort.  On our first day we skied around and helped out the diggers with ideas on how the park should be set up.  There are currently 3 rail gardens, 2 jump lines and a half pipe.  There is also free rain to hit the natural jumps around the mountain that alyeska is famous for.

There are about 30 kids signed up for coached camp right now and we will probably have a ton of day campers.  Alyeska was blessed with a lot of snow this winter which is making it possible to ski full laps on Chair 6 which is really good for the kids who do not like hiking (most kids and myself).

A standard day at camp looks like 11:00 load up the tram to the top of the mountain (earlier if its sunny and everyones on time!)  ski, hit everything in site until kids are hungry, sit and eat lunches while watching kids shred the lunchtime railpark.  Then some more skiing until 4:00.  The sun is still high because when your this far north in the summer, the sun seems to travel through the sky at a snails pace.

For a whole album of photos from day one check out this facebook album, here is some of the action going on up here at Alyeska.

This shot reminds me of a vintage Ski poster
Skiing right above the ocean, the views up here are tourist worthy.  You might recall the girlfriend combo here worn by Julie!
Using the follow camera set up, it is working well for follows.
Freshly painted rails
The cat left some fun creeper ledges around the mountain
A rock gap… the fruits of spring skiing
I learned how to hover down rails so I don’t have to slide them anymore.
End of day one.

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