Another week of summer Camp just started and I am back on the hill again.  First off I just have to thank Alyeska Resort for doing this camp and bringing it back to the small town of Girdwood.  I get so stoked every day seeing these kids get the opportunity to ride at a summer camp that without it’s presence these kids would not be able to travel to the lower 48 for a summer camp.

There are even some kids this session who traveled up here from Minnesota to experience the AK summer.  Their hill back in the midwest is 400 Vertical feet.  They are stoked on the ocean, the mountains, the beauty that Alaska adds to the United States.

What I am really stoked on is that Alyeska is getting known from people who have never heard of it, and people who know that Alaska is the Mecca of Helicopter skiing, but also home to one of the most amazing ski resorts in the world.  Matchstick came here with helicopters slated with Red Bull logos to film some of the best talent in the world.  Alyeska is getting its name out there and it is a great thing to see, because it was the reason I have taken my skiing so far and the reason that I love skiing.

Looks like a hip is being shaped for the end of the week, I will try and boost that thing, there is nothing funner than a slushy summer hip!

Alyeska Resort is the biggest Resort in Alaska, the biggest state in the U.S.A.
Jumping the Alyeska sign.
The Freshly cut Alyeska summer camp Pipe.

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