Bull Mountain was created and run for many decades by Herbert "Papa" Muntz. Alterra Mountain Company's John Major plans to purchase the mountain to add to the Ikon pass. Some of the locals aren't so sure, but Major says he has big plans for the ski resort and the town. Updating the towns businesses, and even talks of putting a lift up to the summit of Hangman's Peak. Major announced that should the sale go through, Rock Rambis will be taking over as mountain manager.

John Major(left) and Rick Rambis(right)

Events like the long standing "King of the mountain" race are likely end under the new ownership. Alterra also plans on adopting employee uniforms to match their other resorts. Locals protested outside the south lot shortly after the news broke. Many signs read "Bull Mountain don't go changin' "

We caught up with one of the protesters who called himself Stumpy to ask his thoughts on the purchase. "I was bummin' in a hole in the wall town in what is now called Utah. Some fella from Colorado shows up, starts making so called "improvements", right? Before we knew what hit us, the streets are running with latte. It got so bad that a fella that liked to, you know... smoke a little grass or drink a little ripple. Crow like a rooster, maybe challenge the mayor's son to a gentlemen's duel, was "uncouth, against God." More like bad real estate values. Stumpy had to go!"

It is clear that the locals have some serious concerns, but with the deal expected to go through, only time will tell. Stay safe and don't go changin'!