Homecoming, the return to a familiar stomping ground to meet with friends and reminisce of the good 'ol days. A ski homecoming for me meant a return to Alpine Meadows, my long lost home mountain. I hadn't been to Alpine Meadows since JMA took over ownership and decided to rid the mountain of the adolescent demographic through price increases. Wisely, they kept Jonahs David on staff and thus the jumps there have continued to be the best around despite the lack of attendance by park riders. I approached Jonahs late this spring about filming on the jump line at Alpine showcased by a picture perfect 65' step-over. Jonahs being the awesome guy he is was stoked on the idea and comped me a bunch of tickets for a late spring film day. K.C. Deane and I arrived at Alpine early in the morning to find exactly what we had heard about, 3 perfect jumps

The last jump, a 65' step-overK.C. and I met up with Jonahs, grabbed a few tickets, and immediately started making hot laps on the epic jumps. Not long after Scott Nikkle arrived to ski and film with his nice piece of camera equipment along with Jay Badgley to shoot photos. All of the photos were shot by Jay and big shout out goes to him and Scotty for helping capture the days activities. Just before we began capturing the days activities, Dylan Curry, Joel Thompson and non other than professional skier Jason Arens arrived; our crew was complete and so began one of the most fun days of park skiing I have had. I might also add there was a brief appearance by one of my favorite skiers and friends, Tyler Homen, the Ultimate Human.
K.C. warms up with a flat 3.
I like starting the day with 7s.
Dylan is one of the best rails skiers around, but he is also pretty good at jumping.
Jason follow K.C. off the jump with a helmet cam for Go Big Productions.
Jason Arens with his signature tweaked japan switch spins.
K.C. getting wrapped up in a 7 with some nice foreground foliage.
I loved floating this jump, but the picture doesn't show that I have a "stoked" look on.
K.C.'s signature upside down 5.
The jump gave a lot of hang time so I decided to multitask and grab my ski tip and do a 540.
K.C. and Scotty bro-mancing on the chairlift.
Jason Threw up signs because he is gang affiliated.
K.C. through extreme foreground foliage, nice artsy shot Badgley!
K.C. does 900 degrees of rotation while grabbing. Count it.
This was by far the best trick of the day, Jason Arens rodeo 5 off the knuckle, thats why we call him pro.
The sequence of Jason's pro skier trickery. Being at Alpine reminded me of the salads days, when I was a young, fresh college student at UNR and Alpine Meadows became the first mountain I could call home. Being at Alpine brought back memories of learning my first 360 and skiing with some of my best friends. Perhaps all of the fond memories of the great times I've had at Alpine are what made this day even that much sweeter. Either way it was a blast and I'd like to thank Jonahs for making it possible. If you ever see Jonahs around, make sure you thank him for continuously building the best jumps around regardless of the conditions. I'd also like to thanks Scotty and Jay for the great media. I was able to put together this edit with all the footage Scotty provided me, Enjoy!