Evolve Chile Ski & Snowboard Camp is proud to announce its latest partnership with Alpine Initiatives.


New projects between Alpine Initiatives and Evolve Chile have not been announced yet, however over the next few months we will have a layout of what is in store. Individuals can expect various opportunities to get involved with both organizations by participating in trips down to existing community service programs in Kenya, fundraiser initiatives and other positive ways to give back to people around the world who need the help.

A little bit about Alpine Initiatives...for those who don't know.


Through skiing and traveling, we have discovered a vast network of passionate and engaged people who are ready to take action. Alpine Initiatives was created as a platform to give the snow sports community an opportunity to get together and work on different projects that will have a positive impact on the world we live in.


Alpine Initiatives operates so that 100% of all donations go directly to the projects we are working on. With the help of friends, family and business partners, we have already been able to achieve great things.


Read more about Alpine Initiatives HERE


Albert is one of our main guides in Kenya. He used to be the top mountain biker in Kenya. He is definitely stoked about our new partnership with Alpine Initiatives. Albert is currently in Mt.Kenya leading one of our adventure trips.

Evolve Chile's Daniel Rinzler with Ezra, who has had an opportunity of attending camp and our service project in Kenya. This was shot in Nanyauki at the central market.

One of our current projects in Kenya is building a new dorm for the orphanage we work with. Coming down to Kenya is hard work but super rewarding.

 Hard work is always complimented on our trips to Kenya. In this shot our campers are getting ready for a 2 day Safari.

This shot was taken from our base camp near the base of Mt.Kenya.

Working hard, giving back and making kids smile is whats its all about. Evolve Chile and Alpine Initiatives will be announcing new projects in the months to come.

Porridge is a common food for the less fortunate in Kenya. No matter whats on their plate or cup these kids are always stoked!

Swahili is not that hard to learn. 2-3 weeks in Kenya and you can definitely learn the basics to get by.

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Stay tuned for more news about this new partnership.

Here is a cribs episode from our 2 Mountain Biking trip in Kenya

Evolve Tours Kenya - CRIBS from Daniel on Vimeo.