If you're like me, you might be taking a little break from the snow right now to get in some summer stuff like surfing or mt. biking.  I'm taking the halfpipe team (Riddle, Hayward, etc.) down to Mexico for a surf trip, gonna be sweeeeeet!

But of course all of that is just a diversion from the real excitement that is summer camp!  That's right everybody, get ready to put on your boots and goggles (or maybe your wizard robes and hats, whatever), for some good times in Whistler!

The snow is looking good up there right now, and we are super pumped to have a bunch of new terrain to work with.  You probably know that we will be taking over the High North big booter lane this summer, and 

we have also added more lane space to our park that we had last year.  

The lane on the skiers left of the T-bar will now be double wide, so our showtime booter beside the T-bar should be extra yummy this year, and we're going to have a bunch more room for rails, etc.

Now, with all this new land, we are also adding some new faces to what has always been our greatest asset, the amazing coaching staff!  Corey Vanular will be back this year, freshly rehabbed and stoked to shred with you guys.  Chris Turpin is coming over to coach, complete with all the crazy antics for which he is so well known. We also have Tanner Rainville joining the coaching crew, and Colby West and Sammy Carlsen will be on the program as well.  Kaya Turski is going to be shredding with us too, adding some girl power to the mix, and of course we're expecting to see Simon and Tanner up shredding the lanes again this summer too.

Of course our regulars, TJ, Sarah, Riddle, Hayward, Bibby, Rory, Frank, Iannick, etc. will all be coaching too, so you guys are going to get what you expect from Momentum in terms of the awesome crew of coaches who not only shred, but also are masters of teaching others, as well as putting out the great vibes that make camp such a fun place every year.

Tj was pretty psyched about building stuff when he designed the course for this years Masters comp in Whistler, so we thought we'd give him the job of designing our jump line over in the lane that used to be High North.  I'm sure he'll create something that you are all pretty excited about!

In the meantime, here's a few more pics from last year to get your

imaginations warmed up, get ready for the good times everyone, see you