You may recall Alice Mckennis bone shattering ski accident last winter. The x-rays make you want to cringe and hope that she'll be back in fighting spirits like she was before the injury.

Well, the first signs of hope that Alice's ski race career is on the upswing comes from Alice herself. Check out her newest update! Congratulations on your achievement!!!

Whew? already more half way through my trip to New Zealand! The skiing has been good down here and I am so psyched to back on skis. Going over six months without skiing is far too long! I have been skiing two days on snow followed by a rest day. We have been sticking to this plan to make sure the stress of skiing isn?t too much for my leg and so far it is working! I have had four days on snow and plan to get another four or five days before I leave.

My leg hasn?t bothered me too much which is really encouraging to me, it has been a lot of work to make it back on snow and it feels great to see my hard work pay off. Each day I am on snow my leg feels better, just taking it a few days to get back in the swing of it! I have been doing a ton drills down here trying to find my balance and a solid body position again. Not gonna lie, I felt like a total dork the first day back on snow, just struggling all day to figure things out but the drills have been very productive and yesterday I was even carving one ski turns on slalom skis! I know what everyone is thinking, slalom skis and I normally don?t get along but I promise that I was totally ripping on them! I really want to take off and go fast, and maybe get a little out of control? but that will have to wait till next camp I suppose. Dang. Skiing here is not without its challenges, there have been a few crazy out of control people skiing around that have tried to T-bone me at least ten times, I?m not worried about my leg anymore it?s the other people around that make me nervous. I may not be running Downhill right now but I?m still livin on the edge?

Aside from skiing I have partaken in the normal activities around Queenstown, on our arrival day we made the customary visit to Fergburger (THE best burger joint ever. I highly recommend it to everyone that visits Queenstown) and each had a burger the size of my head. I?m not kidding; it?s pretty intense to eat a whole Fergburger. They are HUGE, but so tasty. I have been going for a lot of walks and may even try to get into some golf today. My golfing skills are minimal but I like to try and channel my inner Rickie Fowler and see what happens, which usually isn?t much more than me whiffing and missing the ball completely.

For now I will be keeping it in control and pretty casual on the hill to get my ski legs back, but just wait?I?ll be back soon enough!


Skiing again!

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