Here is a short interview from frontman and Amplid teamrider Alex Martini after having received the crown for the Best Am Film presented at the International Freesking Film Festival in Montreal:

Alex – who is behind STEPT productions ?

My brother and best friends: Nick Martini, Cam Riley, Ian Boll, Matt Stauble, Connor Scofield and Clayton Vila and me…

How do you select the riders you guys are working with and why ?

We work with our friends, anyone in our close group of friends, we are always around each other and on the same page mentally, so that makes getting shots cheap and easy!

What does that award mean to you guys

I can’t speak for everyone but to me it means we’ve finally made the leap from an AM film company to a PRO film company, it’s hard to describe or define the difference, but I think we’re on the same level as the big film companies now – besides heli time…. ha  !

What are your plans for this coming season ?

Stept has a lot of plans, film in Colorado is probably going to be the majority of our next movie, but i plan on spending most of my season filming in Jackson Hole, Mammoth, and Alaska, and all the backcountry along the way.

What skis are you currently riding for your cinematographic missions?

Mostly the 183 Infradark, but sometimes also the Cholesterone.

Thank you for your time and good luck with your next productions.