Cover Photo: Emil Larsson

This wasn't exactly a hard one to predict, but as of today, Alex Hackel is officially riding for ON3P Skis. Sure, he's been on the skis solidly since his trip to Zermatt last summer but sometimes these things take a bit of time to work out. We reached out to Alex to see how it all came to be, and this is what he had to say:

"I am super excited to announce that I have joined the ON3P team. The decision to partner with ON3P was very natural. I'm close with everyone on the team and when I first tried a pair of Magnus 102s this summer at Mt. Hood I knew that it was the ski for me. I love working with companies that share my passion for freeskiing and its community. After meeting Scott, Sean and crew behind the scenes at ON3P it was abundantly clear that they are dedicated to freesking, the community, and their products. It is also a big plus to know where and by whom my skis are being made. ON3P is currently making some amazing original content with their team and I am excited to contribute and be a part of that. In addition to that, I will, of course, continue to put out more street parts and Instagram content [Editor's Note: Get real stoked for Color, Hackel's part is incredible]. Can’t wait to show everyone (and myself) what I can do on these new skis."

I spent a couple of days on hill with Hackel as he got to grips with the new sticks and I can safely say that what he can do on them is going to make for great viewing. See below madness for further reference: