Airborne Trampolines in Woodbridge, Ontario is now offering off-season training for skiers, snowboarders, and any one else with an urge to go big. Airborne is equipped with 6 in-ground trampolines, a rope to practice wakeboarding skills, and a couple of mats to try anything new.

The sessions will be held every Tuesday night from 8-10pm

Address for Airborne Woodbridge:

171 Marycroft Ave Unit A2

Woodbridge, On


905 850 8477 (GYM)

416.779.2650 (Ryan)

Map of Airborne:,+ON&country=ca&cs=9&name=&desc=&poititle=&poi=&uz=&ds=n&BFKey=&BFCat=&BFClient=&mag=6&newmag=8