"Eternal Tower" since listing, is caused by a very beautiful picture with its unique air system, popular in Southeast Asia. Also attract a lot of Europe and the United States players’ eye, whether it is national dress, hanbok, Japanese wear players can see a lot of Europe and the United States presence. MMORPG.COM for "Aion," reputation is high, a few months, the "Eternal Tower" has been ranked top three in the rankings. And more sales data indicate that the client pre-sales in North America reached 80 million for the aion cd key, with annual sales expected to exceed 100 million dollars. Can see that global players on the game of love.


After a five times, after a closed test, "Eternal Tower" Europe and the United States was finally ushered in the beta. On September 13 after the end of beta, the United States serve will start charging 22 operators, while the European service will also be on the 25th to start charging operations regarding to the Aion cd key. This missed the national dress, Korean dress, day wear studio friends, is undoubtedly a heaven-sent opportunity. From South Korea, Japan, China, the operations of the three regions and virtual trading volume analysis. "Eternal Tower" is very likely to become in 2009, swept away because of "World of Warcraft" G sagging prices brought hardship.

So miss South Korea, Japan as well as the dress, "Aion," a friend, should be ready to transition early to seize the market opportunities. Fight in Europe and America area "Eternal Tower" earn first pot of gold.

Cost Analysis: CDK + Plug + proxy

CDK is currently the standard in Europe and America the cost of higher prices in the 300 RMB or so, and require advance reservations, on the 18th side in order to get the CDK, so it is inevitable that prices no city. Therefore, wanji 3 friends to consider the proposed studio instantly purchase method. But even if more expensive way to buy, there are already 380 of the high-priced sellers cried. But this is not intended to CDK studio is still affordable. Before the formal operations, CDK will be presented a month game time and a 7-day test of time, as well as 20% of the experience of rings and the wings. For the studio, if it able to operate before a formal purchasing Aion CD key undoubtedly accelerated the goldsmith, the pace of training numbers more efficiently.

    But for now, the market in Europe and America, "Aion" VPN proxy still in the testing phase, and glass to which agents have not learned that the official launch of the game agency serving Europe and the United States. Therefore, the studio will face in the early stage the risk of certain titles. Glass will follow up on agents in the investigation in order to the studio the first time, a friend of the game the right agent.