(My friend Adam)

Last week in Michigan proposal 2 passed and banned affirmative action. A lot of people around campus (University of Michigan) were very opposed to it. I voted for it and am glad it passed. I don't think it's fair that people get bonus points based on race or gender. I knew a black kid from New Jersey that had a house in the hamptons. He carried around a Louis Vuitton briefcase and was constantly talking about how he wanted to transfer to an Ivy Leage school. Are you telling me this kid had less oppurtinities than I did? Diversity isn't that important, especially when its forced. Around here ethnic groups don't really mix. Asians hang out with other asians almost exclusively, same with black, latinos, and Jewish sorority girls. Obviously there are exceptions but if you walk around campus all you see all the different "multi"cultural clubs complaining about affirmative action. If I was a minority I wouldn't want to get in to a school because I was black, I would want to get in because I was smart enough. With that being said, most of the black kids I know are smart enough so I don't see what they're complaining about. The only good argument for affirmative action (to me) is to keep our sports teams good. (Yeah, I know thats kinda racist, sorry.)