Basically, In November I ran away from Whistler. I don't know what it is about that town, but sometimes i just have pack up my stuff and get the fuck out of there.I flew home to Collingwood to get back to my roots and back in the streets. To be honest, I ended up with a smashed face and a hole in the knee, which turned into me filming my friends and 99 bottles of Jack on the wall.somewhere around Christmas I got my life back together and had the past month to check out some new spots in Collingwood to shoot.This is the first feature I hit. It's an Inukshuk of our mate Pete built in honor of. I drop it every year, enjoi.

R.I.P Peter Photo - R. DammanShortly after this shot quickly rolled up NewYears. This is my brother Trashcan and myself. Somewhere between him smashing down Gibsons finest and myself popping some obnoxious bottles, fate decided to smack me in the chest with a little bit of a heart attack. The hospital suggested 2 -3 tylenol when i get home. no wonder our health care is free.
Photo- Kira CrugnaleTook a few days off and attacked another feature. I have hit a few wall rides before, but this particular one was a bit different, a small patch of greasy cement and a smashed out landing somehow turned out to be a rad session. The original shot is being used so here is the fisheye version.
Photo- R. DammanThe snow kept falling down on us while its stayed pretty dry in Whistler, so I decided to rebook my flight a whole bunch of times to keep the shoots rolling.The snowfall opened up a couple new features we never noticed before which led us to this swing gate drop.
Photo - R Damman
Good Idea gone bad.. That popcorn machine got trashed - Photo R. Damman
C.A.S.G photo -the gypsy queenJanuary started coming to an end and we had been filming an edit a whole bunch with the local click. So I tagged along on there movement to Montreal for a week, We stumbled into a Cemetery and found a kink rail. After digging it out for 3 hours, I headed to the truck to grab my skis and Bang! I left them in Collingwood. So the next 4 days I hung out in some authentic hooker bars and smashed down poutine, Rock bottom.Got the fuck out of Collingwood and back to Whistler, A few days of cruisin' and it was back to shooting.This was the first shot I got coming back to Whistler, again the better one is being held hostage so this will do, the video turned out bang on
Photo- Mason MashonNow that Theory-3 ended with a bang,I needed to find a crew to smash glasses with.
WELCOME TO THE VOLEURZ FAMILY. game on. photo- Mason MashonThanks Orage,