.Season II has begun! Not a ton to say exept I hope you all have as much fun watching it as I had making it.  Jake Strassman again showing his unmatched skill in filming and editing, these videos wouldn’t happen without you.

.always feel free to comment.

Adventures in Transition II: Episode I


Much like everywhere else at the moment winter has yet to hit Colorado with its full fury. Fortunately for those of us in Colorado our resorts have the snow making capabilities and the sheer drive to build colossal park set ups. Without a doubt we are in the best place you could be for the start of the season. Even with a lack of white stuff we have been dedicated to getting shots and showing that it doesn’t take a whole lot to enjoy yourself. Between Breckenridge and Keystone we filmed this early season video of nothing absolutely breathtaking but mainly keeping our eye on the fun you can have in any aspect of winter. Even when conditions could be much more favorable.

At minute 2:42 when I come in contact with the little kid, I want to assure everyone that he was not injured. He actually got up way quicker then I did and his parents made sure that I was alright. Thankfully everyone walked away in one piece!


- banks