My most recent bus adventure, since there have been many:My '71 VW pop top camper van has been in the family for years. Although "Red Ball Jet" (named after the original converse which were my mom's favorite shoe when she was my age) has been mine for a few years now, I haven't had a place nor the time to work on her. Now that I am in temperate Utah, I started plotting to get her out here. The plan that assembled was a road trip with my mom from WA to UT. Our plan was set in motion as I traveled to Washington last weekend. However, when I started RBJ up for the first time in nearly 2 years... there was something up. She was shaking badly and after taking her to our friendly Bellingham VW mechanic, discovered she needed some joint replacements. These would take a bit of time first locate and then to order. Therefore, the trip has been postponed for later this summer. Photos:1)Me taking a trip down memory lane with Red Ball Jet... these stickers have been on her since I was little.

2. and yes that is a "dancing bear" skiing that I'm pointing at above.