In a surprising move, Abasin has joined the Ikon pass for the 2019/2020 season. Base pass holders get 5 days with blackouts while the full Ikon gets 7 days and no blackouts. Abasin departed from Vail Resorts earlier this year ending their over 20-year partnership. One of the biggest reasons cited for the departure was the constant parking issues, with parking lots reaching maximum capacity most weekends last season. Joining the Ikon pass has the potential to bring back the problems that Abasin had hoped to alleviate when leaving the Epic. The COO of Abasin stated on his blog that "We have targeted a substantial reduction in ski and snowboard visits on weekends and holidays next season to improve our ability to provide the services and experiences we are known for." Managment also has said that they plan to help preserve Abasins "culture and vibe." That claim may be hard to live up to when looking at places like LCC and Jackson Hole. While the Ikon includes other Colorado resorts, this addition could cause problems with locals. The disdain for the Ikon pass has already begun in Abasins instagram comments with season pass holders voicing their concerns. So, what does this all mean for Ikon pass holders? For skiers on the East Coast, the Ikon Pass just improved greatly. There is no better time than this upcoming season to come experience what real skiing on real mountains is like. The Ikon pass has an absolutely stacked roster coming into this season and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. It's an exciting time for one Colorado's greatest ski areas.