by Ethan Stone Our days of sifting in anguish through SKI magazine are over. AXIS has arrived, a total newschool magazine dedicated to the spirit of jibbing and freeriding. No more apres-ski reviews or praises of Sun Valley to numb your ski-thirsty mind. Dubbed "The Rider's Voice," AXIS features in-depth interviews with influential athletes, a photographers' forum, and editorials by selected professional skiers. The first issue, packaged with the December issue of Powder, includes interviews of Phil Belanger and Eric Pollard (voted most influential riders of 2001), nine diverse athletes' views on style, an interview with up-and-coming filmaker Eric Iberg, and an editorial by Evan Raps. Editor Matt Levinthal says, "This magazine is dedicated to all the people making this new movement happen. No magazine has embraced this movement or given it the full attention it deserves." AXIS joins Unity as a new magazine dedicated to freeriding. To see Unity Magazine, go to Look for a new issue of AXIS in your newsstands soon! Ethan Stone can be reached at, or "kamikaze" at