AVALAAN LAUNCHES FIRST SPRING/SUMMER RANGE INTO STORES  Avalaan launching its Spring/Summer 2008 range into stores across Europe  May 8, 2008- Avalaan is proud to launch its first Spring/Summer range of art inspired streetwear and accessories to support sunny summer living, at http://www.avalaan.com. The range includes a wide variety of streetwear such as tee shirts, polo shirts, sweaters and board shorts amongst many other pieces.  Avalaan have found inspiration from Familia artists and placed artwork through the product to offer many different styles of art. Check out the Love Hate tee from Plas, a booming underground Polish artist; and Amit Beeharee’s darker humor, found on the Queen Pusher tee. Avalaan demonstrate many varying styles within one range and prove that a brand can have many faces for a variety of art loving chillers.  Avalaan’s new range of goodies will be hitting stores throughout Europe this coming month, and with a new store locator online at http://www.avalaan.com, you will be able to easily find your local dealer or online retailer.  Avalaan is progressing quickly and this new offering is aimed at supporting all the activities the Avalaan familia get up to throughout the summer. Whether its skating, surfing, chilling, or just doodling, make sure you check out Avalaan’s new offering.  Enjoy your summer…  For more information about the brand please visit the website http://www.avalaan.com.