Well to

say that this season has started off with great snow up here in Alaska

would be a complete and utter..... lie. With only one large storm,

which was immediately followed by mother nature being quite obviously

on menopause (temp has ranged from 50 to -10), we have been forced away

from pulling out the braaaaaps and hitting jumps amongst the chugach

peaks, and more towards hangin out and hitting stuff in and around

anchorage. Being on a crew made up of primarily snowboarders, I have

been finding myself getting pushed into hitting features that require

me to slide them parallel rather than perpendicular, and it's actually

pretty fun.

5050, 180 out, half cab off the dock (my beautiful new rockers were in the mail at this stage) JayLav photo


consequences are definitely much higher on stuff like this, but it

really excites me because it opens up so many more opportunities for

hitting new and different features. Here are a couple more shots with

some one ski antics:

5050 up a creeper ledge, with a very unforgiving fence that I got to know pretty well. JayLav photo

180, switch 5050, 180 out on a little creeper. JayLav photo

Then of

course one night whilst searching for spots, we came across this gem,

and I was super pumped on the shots we got out of it:

Handplant. Kris Swanson photo


next update there will be some beautiful Alaskan powpow to brag about,

but until then, have fun skiing because it’s the most wonderful thing

to do in the world.

P.S. big ups to my favorite photographers for all their time and effort, Jeremy Lavender (http://www.flickr.com/photos/boreasproductions) and Kris Swanson (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kswanson).