Episode 43 with AHALL!



Alex is one of the best and most well-rounded skier in the world right now. While the sport has gotten hyper specialized in the last decade, Alex thrives in so many aspects of the sport winning X-Games big air, Olympic slopestyle while also filming some of the best street skiing and backcountry videos in between competitions. Alex is a true freeskier at heart and it's awesome to see him push all aspects of the sport.

In this episode, we discussed about everything that happened since our last episode together 2 years ago. Winning X-Games gold in 2022 with a switch 2160, going on to win the 2022 Olympics in China. Switching it up this season with a different mindset for competitions. Working on the soon to be released 'Magma 3' with friends Hunter Hess and Owen Dahlberg. Filming for Faction's upcoming project 'Abstract'. His recent push on social media regarding FIS's pay of freeski events compared to other sports.

Episode presented by Axis boardshop, Planks clothing and Dic anns restaurants