On august 7th it was another normally day in my life, wake up, gas up the boat, and hit the lake! Unfortunately, that all changed when I came down from a tantrum (a type of wakeboarding backflip for all those non-enthusiats) which is one of the regular maneuvers I like to incorporate into one of my runs. I guess it was my unlucky day when I landed hard in the flats and instantly felt that excruciating burst of pain. While my blood was still pumping and my heart was racing i ripped my foot out of my binding quickly and knew I had done some damage. I quickly scheduled my necessary appointments as I had plans on moving to Vail on Nov. 1 for my internship to complete my Ski Area Management degree! This is when i soon found out that to get things done in the medical industry you have to do things yourself, or plan on having little to know information while you family doctor lolly gags around and schedules your appointments over months. Long story short I had an MRI by the end of the week and found out I had a complete tear in my left ACL... bummer right? After visiting two knee specialists they determined that I am steady enough to not need surgery, even after I explained to them the level at which I ski and Wakeboard! yea for that! now, two months later, I can hardly tell my ACL was ever torn, though I have been very determined and motivated to keep on top of my homemade physical therapy and stretching routine. As winter sets in and Vail becoming ever more real we shall see how it holds up! O BTW... I just got my new CTI pro support brace! supper legit man!

Peace Out