A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to fly out to Oregon and spend a week in Mt. Hood the main incentive for this trip was for me to meet Erik Boone, owner and creator of Boone Skis as well as my new team manager. As well as meeting Erik I was also able to meet and ride with my new teammate Ian Hamilton. The chance to go out to hood and meet up with Erik and Ian was one I just could not turn down, I also was able to visit some other friends that I went to school with in my hometown of Burlington Vermont. When I flew into Portland Airport I knew I was in for something special as the lady sitting next to me pointed out Mt. Hood from the airplane shivers ran down my spine I was so excited, it was not only the first time I had made it to the west coast but I was going skiing in July! Well enough about my trip here are a few photos, sorry there aren't more photos only had two days with Erik's camera, but the edit should do the trip more justice. Although we may not have gotten the best shots we were pressed for time, I was also riding on a scary pair of demo bindings, but Ian Hamilton stopped Dub Cork 12 leading tail twice over the old SCI jump, and we couldn't have asked for more amazing weather so please enjoy.

Boone Skis portable tuning bench posted up in Govy Camp.
Erik doing some very necessary waxing to combat the 80 degree days! As you can tell there was no lack of snow on Timberline, with no further ado here is the edit..HOOD Re-Edit Sen from EASTablished Media on Vimeo.