SOME FACTS:----------Production company: 46 films (Aldell Visual Arts)Web address: http://www.46films.comProduces/arranges: Extremesport movies and competitions----------INFORMATION:----------46 (referring to the swedish landcode +46) is a bunch of people from Sweden who create films and has one common love; Extremesports. The goal with the projects & films is to make extremesport bigger, and of course to show what Sweden has to offer internationally. We are involving the young athletes of Sweden, both known and unknown names, with the goal to help everyone boost their cariers. In the same time we are working together with partners that want's to profile themselves in this new upcoming era. We are simply trying to inspire as much people as we can.46 consists of a big crew, with around 26 athletes (skiing, inline skating & snowboarding), filmers and photographers. It was formed in June 2006 by Christoffer Aldell, Mikael Aldell and Linus Andersson, and has since then produced one inline skating video (46 "uncensored"), and is right now working on a newschool skiing video (46 "moments"of 2007), and will start the shootings for the second inline skating video in may. The films are partly distributed online, but also by the largest sport dealer in Sweden, Team Sportia, with 107 stores within the country.The films from 46 are made in a kind of special angle that makes the films more interesting for "everybody"to watch. We often put "realtime parts/segments" of feelings and preparations before and after big stunts in the films. The athletes are telling what they feel and what they fear in the same time as they are telling the viewers what they are going to do. You will get to feel fear, pressure, pain, happiness and success while watching. We also often put insegments with interviews of the athletes and sometimes the crew as well. There's almost always a story or purpose in ourfilms.The future vision within 46 is to keep activating, teaching and inspiring people about extremesports. We have so fararranged one competition in Eskilstuna (46 competition at 016 skatepark) for inline skating, and intend to continuestimulating and activating people with similar events and projects!----------PICTURES FROM SHOOTINGS (SCREENSHOTS FROM FILM)----------

 46 "uncensored" DVD coverSKIING:
 (Kim Boberg in Crans Montana, Schweiz)
(Oscar Harlaut in Ere, Sweden)
(Kim Boberg, Louis Joseph and Mikael Aldell in Crans Montana, Schweiz)
(Christoffer Aldell in Crans Montana, Schweiz)
(Kim Boberg in Dlvdalen, Sweden)
(Johan Lilja in Laax, Schweiz)INLINE SKATING:
(Christopher Herdman in Linkvping, Sweden)
(Richard Karlsson in Linkvping, Sweden)
(Richard Karlsson in Linkvping, Sweden)
(Joachim Wall in Linkvping, Sweden)
(Joachim Wall, in Gothenburg, Sweden)
(Christopher Herdman in Stockholm, Sweden)More pictures is available at Just press "media" in the menu!----------FILMCLIPS---------- (46 "uncensored" trailer)