Hans left today, and Marius Kjølseth moved in together with me and Backe. I took the day off from skiing today, since I had an concussion yesterday. Think I should be good for skiing tomorrow.

Aren’t we alike. Haha. Same cup, cereals and mobiles we don’t use over here. The can be reheated by 12 v charging in the car. Haha, gotta love Wallmart.

Paul the boss at Snowshoe motel, where we are staying is the MAN! Made us a perfect breakfast with eggs, sausages, bread and some different stuff. Sooo good! Which other motel can claim to cook the food for athletes and guests staying there!?

Marius had his 15 minutes of fame, signing a poster.

Backe needed recovery for his knee, and felt like going to the recovery center in Breck. Working out. I waited for the bus…

…but Paul the man he is loaned us his car, a Mercedes C320 4matic. We wrooomed our way up to Breck for some training.

Marius showing off his rope-jumping skills for warm-up.

Yours truly in the bench.

Then flies with dumbells.

Chin-ups for back, shoulders and etc…

Dips, me getting tired.

Backe really lifting weights, in it’s pure form. Hehe

Biceps-curl, for the summer…

Back at the motel after a good 20 minutes outside jacuzzi in the sun. Sooo good!  This is me watching Dexter Season 4. If you haven’t been watching Dexter, or haven’t caught up with the latest season, DO IT! The last episode made my day!

Going out for dinner… Marius and Backe has got hooked on Californication, so it’s impossible to talk to them. Wonder if they want to go skiing tomorrow at all?