Just got home from Hafjell when I saw this picture from Andreas Håtveit’s backyard battle. How sick is that? REALLY sick. And the railsetup he has is off the hook too!

I didn’t think I had energy to go skiing at all today, but I changed my mind and went to Hafjell.  I am glad I did.

Some days is hard to do anything cool at all while skiing. Today on the other hand went perfeclty smooth. I got  to sneak in a few cab 7’s with mutegrab that I was stoked on. Even got to try cab 9 mute. Corked it just a little too late and had to sit down in the landing. But I have got it perfectly in my head now!

Blind cork 630’s off the up-box and bananabox is superfun too! 450 on 450 out on the kinkbox, switch-lip 270 on the double-kinked box etc… I just have to be stoked on this day!

Wish theese days were happening a little more often though!   Gotta hit the shower and think about the cab 10 mute.. Can’t get it out of my head.