As I am sure you have all heard, Northern CA/NV has been getting dumped on this past weekend, and while snow in Tahoe isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, when Reno gets hit there is cause for celebration. The city is a urban Jibbers paradise, and with the amount of snow that fell we couldn’t pass up going on various rail missions this weekend. I spent Sunday cruising around with Moment Skis team rider KC Deane, playing in the winter wonderland Reno had been transformed into.

Accompanied by Bentley from DOS Media, we made our way over to a 44-stair DFD. It didn’t take to long for us to setup, and KC quickly stepped up and started hitting the handrail.

The kink proved harder to conquer than we had previously thought. After a getting kicked off a couple time, KC charged back up to hit the rail again, determined to get it. The final result however, was the donkey-kick at the end getting the better of KC, even though he made it past the kink. Enjoy the aftermath below.

Unable to clean the DFD, we hit the road to check out some other spots KC had scoped out, and decided on an extremely steep down rail with a huge drop on one side.

Our luck turned out to be much better on this rail, with KC nailing lipslide to switch after only a couple attempts.

Later that evening, we decided to head out and see what else we could find to jib. After driving around and finding potential locations for tomorrow, I suggested we try driving to the top of parking garages to see if there was anything to jib. Our first stop was the Silver Legacy, although it didn’t have enough snow or anything to jib, KC found an ice chute he wanted to slide

To our surprise, we found a bomb drop at our next stop on top of the Circus Circus parking garage.

By this time I was freezing, and we decided to call it quits, a good day in the bag.

Since we can is a sneak peak for the next update!: