Based on the low and high level of expertise, hiking shoes are usually divided into a few categories: Hiking (travel), Trekking (hiking) and Backpacking (reloading crossing), Mountaineering (Mountain boots) in four categories. The most common is travel shoes, normal wear, can also do weight-bearing exercise. Outdoor sports is most widely used in hiking shoes, salomon speedcross 3 uk suitable for a lesser weight on foot. "If only the Backpack on his back to the field to see the stars, then hiking shoes required. "Miss Cheng said. Spring Festival in Guangdong, we recommend wearing medium hiking shoes, cross country running, hiking, and water-resistant. "The more thick soles, stability is better. "Hiking Backpacking and Mountaineering is the professional level, suitable for reloading through and alpine trekking.

Select shoes are constantly striving to fit the people in their daily lives, but outdoor shoes in but they just need to stay, this is because when you have a long walk your feet will swell. If the shoes are just right, the foot may have swelling after a stun, not conducive to relax the feet. Furthermore complex terrain there is up and down, walk downhill, pressures and ground reaction force of gravity center of human body often makes the foot forward, just the shoes tight toes, long toes ache or even injured. First shoe, fastened the laces can make the heels close to the rear, the front end slightly, feet forward in the process would reduce the squeeze, thereby reducing damage to the toe. Need to be reminded it is important to note, wear outdoor shoes should be chosen when a slightly thicker sock, filling the voids between the shoe and foot, worn so as to effectively prevent foot blisters. Shoe width criteria should not be tight not loose as well, since neither one series, wears a period there will be some loosening of the phenomenon, so there is no need to stay.

Visit the official brand insisted on not seeking, but the essential principles. From the product will keep only for high-performance outdoor shoes, from the choice of channel partners just operating sound and focus on the credibility of the outdoor specialty stores, to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, SFS played advantage of joint venture cooperation mode, ensure that selling continued, and Billabong no backlog, ensuring that every input to generate steady growth. Gore-Tex shoes-the first for dirty water clean with a brush, non-leather shoes (such as nylon) as long as the dip in warm water to clean with a sponge. If it's oily dirt, strong or very dirty stain, it is best to use a leather cleaner and nylon brush, clean the surface, shoe lining, then wipe clean with a damp cloth to clean, because the salt from sweat through the lining into the pores of the leather quickly and destroy leather tissue so that it dries and cracks.