S-rail at the 2007 West Coast Session. photo Josh Anderson

Ethan: Hey Witt I'm going to do a few mini-interviews to post up in the WCS cult news to hype the event... wanna cyber?

Witt: a/s/l?

23/M/Mt. Hood, et tu brute?

hahaha 20/M/SLC tell me about a ski event. Im sitting here all alone ;)

photo Ethan Stone

well i've got a ski event called the west coast session... does that turn you on?

this is creeptastic. do you have a final rider list yet?

it's not final yet and and probably won't be until it starts. looking solid though, lots of return guys from last year plus some new faces...

Pastucka told me you stomped a HUGE BC double back this year filming with 4bi9. What's this, you're actually trying at skiing now?

haha well i have been trying to get back in it a bit. I havent been hurt all year, so my confidence back for sure. I have just been hitting a ton of booters and skiin pow. lots of fun.

Witt at the 2007 West Coast Session. Photo Ryan Gertken

hows it been being healthy for a whole season for once? I hear that's a rarity for you.

haha its splendid. I keep telling my buddies im not even worried about the season ending, because i have skied more days this year that the previous 4 years combined. haha i should go knock on some wood

so who's in your ride to WCS?

its myself, steven, brady perron, john kutcher, and hennie vj (bob_dole on here) hennie is one of the 4bi9 filmers whos comin along.

yo ethan..peep this edit of dylan natale and i yesterday. We built a pretty fun jump at alta. http://media.nscdn.com/uploads/member/videos/1208502373april_17th.mov

thats sick dude, i was diggin that sw 5. so what are you stoked about for WCS?

im amped to see what ski bowl sets up... sounds like its going to be pretty dope.

Nice switch 50-50 Witt, I told you I'd use this shot eventually!

2007 West Coast Session. photo Ethan Stone.