Dan Brown is a cool guy. I met Dan at the Battle My Crew event at Loon a few weeks back. He's a motivated aspiring ski photographer but like the rest of us, has his qualms about certain issues. Here are Dan's thoughts on hippies and the famed 4/20 holiday:

"I'd like to congratuate all you pot smoking hippies for making the world a better place one bong hit at a time. Oh wait, you haven't as you've been too stoned to do anything else but have a love affair with Cool Ranch Doritoes and discuss such things as how cool the colors look on your Bob Marley tapestry hanging on your dorm room wall. 'Cause now that you're at college, you're able to experience the inner peace inside yourself with a little Mary Jane, complaining about Global Warming's effects on this years crop while ironically driving around in your Ranger Rover mommy and daddy bought you. But seriously, I'm sure when you get back to Greenwich, CT or some other suburbanite "Township" or "Borough", you'll tell all your yuppie turned collegiate stoner friends how well your Ultimate Frisbee team did and how good your local "bud" was rather than explaining how productive of a year you actually had. And trust me, your collection of ticket stubs from Phish wanna-be jambands that you saw at your local hippie coffee shop does not count as "productive." So on this 20th of April, I say to you: Hippies, go fuck yourselves with all your self-righteous hippie bullshit and hemp necklaces. You smell bad and I don't like you. P.S. Those dreadlocks with those "hippy beads"you've been trying to grow look ridiculous, go get a hair cut."

-Dan Brown in a Facebook note.


Dan Brown taking aim

*note* All Dan Brown comments and opinions do not reflect the beliefs of the writer of this blog. I think jam bands are cool, love a good game of frisbee, have never been an avid pot smoker, and think Dan Brown is really funny. To each is own.

Happy 420 kiddies!

Peace, Love, and Stuff,