1862 - First Ski Jumping Contest Held In Trysil, Norway. From this day it was obvious that the sport would soon be ruined

1924 - First Olympic Winter Games held at Chamonix, France. The core sport of skiing is ruined.

1950 - Aerial skiing begins. The sport of skiing is donezo

1974 -Olin Mark IV Comp, the first mass produced twin tip killed skiing

1998 - Johnny Moseley's first attempt to ruin skiing with the 360 mute

1998 -Solomon launches the 1080 ski, which revolutionized and ruined the sport for good.

2002 - Johnny Moseley ruins the sport of freestyle skiing with his dinner roll at the Olympics, paving the way for all kinds of inverts to be allowed.

2007- Tom Wallisch super unknown edit drops and officially ruins all hope for freeskiing


2008 - Jon Olson ruins skiing with the Kangaroo Flip

2013 - Henrik Harlaut ruins skiing with the nosebutter triple if his dreadlocks weren't doing enough already.

2014 - Slopestyle skiing enters the Olympics and goes fully mainstream, in efforts to forever ruin the sport.

2015- Jesper Tjader's ruins skiing with edit of circus tricks

2016 -???? While we can't be sure of the details, one thing we know for sure is that something will surely ruin skiing this next year.

So skiing is pretty much ruined. I didn't even mention all the rail tricks that ruined skiing or many other things that have ruined the sport. Have no fear kids! Snowboarding was ruined from the start! You also have just enough time to hit up your parents or santa to snag you a board for the holidays. Since snowboarding already blows, the only think you have to worry about being ruined is your future.