So I suppose I can say I'm happy. $2000 poorer, but happy. Kids in Washington have it good; there housing is affordable. In Mammoth.... $1700 for a 2 bedroom + loft in the oldest part of town. But I won't complain. It is a great deal compared to what else is available. That and it is furnished which saves a lot of time and money. Just this hole lack of a rental history and poor credit thing that is kinda making this harder than it should be and also causing me to dish out 2.5 months of rent and a $700 deposit. At least I am in a position to be able to do so, otherwise I could be having serious issues. I am excited to have a place though, and a place with great people at that. Moving out of my car will be oh so nice. Aside from the housing issue, my bruise seems to be going away. It has been about 5 days now and it is now only softball sized. I'ld take a picture, but considering it happens to be on a certain part of the body, it probably isn't appropriate. It is definitely proof of how hard I am trying to get this box thing down. Too bad it hurts to drive though. I have the seat in my subie hits it just right. It made for a great 5 hour drive yesterday. Work is going well. Footloose is an exceptional place to work. My managers are some of the most knowledgeable people in the ski industry. I have learned more from them in a few weeks than I have from partaking in the sport for 15 years. The clinics are also fantastic. I love seeing what the inside of a glove looks like or a ski boot cut in half. I learn so much from just that. Before if looking at goggles I could tell you that a mirrored lens was good for sunny days and a orange one was good for flat lighting. Now I can tell you that most companies have a base light transmission around 30% and the lightest multi light google we cary is 81%. I even know how Gortex works, and why marino wool from highland New Zealand is the best wool in existence. On top of this, there is also the perk that most of the reps come in with free stuff ranging from socks, to beanies, to free googles. I certainly cannot argue the acceptance of a free pair of scott witness googles with natural lenses. Merry Christmas to me. I can totally understand how my manager has been working there 25 years. So I am in LA right now. I need to get a new prescription for contacts tomorrow. I can no longer put the current ones in my eyes, and being that I need to see to ski, I had to take care of it now. But it is giving me a nice break to visit my favorite familiar place. I just sat down with a turkey and cheddar sandwich on an olive chibatta roll, and a large passion peach iced tea. If you are ever in Los Angeles, make sure to go to Groundworks for lunch..... best sandwiches in town aside from the paninis at Blue Dahlia's. I also sat outside for a bit discussing when my season pass would be reimbursed. The sitting outside in sunny 71 degree weather was nice, the discussion was not. I understand they are busy, but I just want a time frame so I know if I need to come up with an extra $600 some how. She wouldn't even tell me if it would be taken care of by the end of the month. If I had known, I would have just requested to process early and lost 2 days of skiing. Oh well, can't dwell on this now.I tried selling my snowboard set up to Play It Again Sports in Pasadena. Sadly they only give 30% of what they sell it at which would have ben $60 to me and $140 to them. So I figure I'll try the Craigslist thing and ask $150 for it. Sure it is used, but less than 20 days and there isn't so much as a scratch on the base. K2 Mix with Burton Missions and Northwave Freedom boots. It is easily an $800 set up, but since everything is used and a few seasons old, I think $150 seems fare. The only hard part is that it is a pretty unique set up. I'm 5'7" with a size 6 shoe so the likely hood of finding a taller girl who would want the board and the bindings/boots is rare. I will probably have to sell them separately. Still better than accepting $60 for it though. Anyone know any girls that need an instructor board or a rock board?