interview by Mike Rogge

Hey Sean, how’s it going?

ohhhhh, it’s a goin.

How has your season been?

My season has been going super well. I’ve been skiing the most pow I’ve ever skied in a season.

What can the NS community expect from you this season?

Well, everyone can expect some wicked powder skiing, and a bunch of sick footage in Tanner's new film "The Massive."

You’ve been a mainstay in Tanner Hall’s films for a few years now. How did you get involved with him?

The first year I was involved with Tanner’s films was about four years ago in WSKI106. I skied with Kye (Peterson) a bunch and he was doing some work with Eric Iberg. I was asked to tag along and ended up being included in his films.

Many skiers out there only experience the greatness of Tanner, CR Johnson, and Seth Morrison by watching them on film. You get to ski and film with them. What’s it’s like skiing with such influential and talented athletes?

Skiing with these people, the biggest names in the film area, is really fun. Every time I’m out with one of these guys I’m learning something and experiencing new things. Plus I get to ski the things that they ski and whatnot.

Speaking of Tanner, he took home gold at X-Games this year in pipe again but was unjustly booed. I think that shows little class and respect for someone that’s done so much for skiing. Were you disappointed to hear boos at X-Games this year?

I was extremely disappointed actually to hear all of the booing going on. To have someone like Tanner, who has been training so hard for half pipe at X-Games, come down from the run of his life and hear some booing going on, was frustrating for me, and I’m sure he was disappointed too. I actually freaked out on the crowd when I was there cause I was so mad to hear that.

Many professional skiers your age are making it in the industry by competing in park competitions but you and your brother seemed to miss that bus.

Yeah, growing up in Whistler was definitely a big part of that, having the terrain that we do is just the best for the kind of skiing that we do.

Do you have the desire to be in events like the X-Games someday?

Yeah I think I might try to be a part of X-Games halfpipe one day, maybe in a few years or so though, I’m not rushing in to it.

Who are your favorite people to ski with?

When I’m at home in Whistler I love to ski with my brother, my best friend Alex Pro; who I ski with pretty much every day. Pretty much my friends. I like to ski with snowboarders too.

You’re still in school but also churn out impressive video parts. How does the balancing act work when it comes to grades and skiing?

I get schoolwork before I go away on any trip or whenever I miss school and do the work whenever I get the chance.

Do people in your school treat you differently because you’re in a high profile film every year and traveling the world?

No, I am treated like a normal high school kid, which is what I am.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself possibly starting my own film company and just keep skiing tons of pow every year.

Let’s play a little fill in the blank…

When I’m skiing, I like to….have a good time with my friends and think about nothing else but what we are skiing.

When I’m not skiing, I like to… still be with my friends, do some skateboarding in the summer, and some partying.

One non-skiing person I look up to is…Nicholas Muller

One thing people don’t know about me is…that I’m NOT 8 years old