Words, Photos & Video by Nick Martini

As I sit here writing this, I think of how fast the past six weeks have gone by. In late December I sat in this same place throwing back painkillers while attempting to complete some light physical therapy. Today I feel transformed. I have been off crutches for a week and just completed a rigorous 45-minute rehab session on my knee. The day after I tore my ACL I promised myself two things:

1) I would stay positive no matter what; I would not let my injury affect my happiness.

2) I would try my hardest to stay as involved with the ski community as possible, striving to not fall into the shadows.

At first these goals seemed basic and intuitive, but as I began my recovery I realized I had a tall order to fill. I am now back in school trying to get another semester of college out of the way while I can’t ski. I figured I would endure a boring spring waiting and rehabbing until I can ski again at the beginning of the summer. To the contrary I find myself a little too busy. I spend my days managing a plethora of hobbies; producing my video blog (as seen below),  filming for the new 2010 Stept Movie (NetWork), doing video blogs for Powder, designing the new Stept website and personal site, rushing through dozens of homework assignments, and managing about 15 hours a week of physical therapy.

As hectic as it may sound, I find comfort with staying busy and not always thinking about my inability to ski. Ironically, my main focus has been on my knee itself. Determined to do everything possible to benefit the healing process, I have engrossed myself with systematic therapy. Surprisingly more therapy is not always better. When meeting with my doctor today (who visits NS, yeah, baller), he suggested I explain that, “Especially in the beginning of the recovery process, it is important to do the correct therapy the correct way, while being careful not to push it unnecessarily hard which can ultimately be a setback.”

With new opportunities presenting themselves everyday I am confident this spring should bring loads of fun. Also Stept has teamed up with Poor Boyz to make our latest movie “How We Livin” now available for digital download: http://pbpstore.mobilerider.com/store/

And with no further ado, I am glad to present my newest video blog. See you guys next month!

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-Nick Martini