Words By Iannick B

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a great summer. I was once again back in Whistler and got to ski around with lots of you, but for those that didn't make it out to camp this year, no worries, I'll still be around next summer.

Lots of changes happening for me this fall... Orage has decided not to renew my contract which means I am no longer on their team. However, my good friend Mike Nick has offered me a great opportunity and I will now be not only rocking Siver Cartel street wear but also their outerwear. And of course, I am still with Scott USA.

Due to circumstances, such as the need for me to finally finish my bachelor degree in computer science, I have decided not to ride for any ski companies this upcoming season. But not to worry... I will most likely be hanging out with Matt Sterbenz and the 4Frnt team.

The reason I am writing this is to let you all know that I will still be out there skiing as much as I can and helping the industry in as many ways as possible. I will be working closely with D-Structure, Scott USA and Siver Cartel.

Many thanks to all those who have supported me through my professional career; sponsors, fellow riders, family and all you kids out there!

See you on the hill this season!

Iannick B.

Shout out to: Felix and Dan at D-Structure, Yo at Salomon International, Mingo and everyone at Salomon Canada, everyone at Orage Canada, Mike Nick at Siver Cartel, Johnny at Scott USA, John Smart at Momentum Ski Camps, Randy at Dakine, Joe and Matt at 4Frnt, Mike Douglas and JP Auclair. To all those I've forgotten - Thanks