1) A/S/L24, male, SLC, UT.2) What does it mean to be Hayden Price I am a spiritual being having a human experience.3) Can you provide a play by play of the season? It got off to a slow start this year with little snowfall in the early season but that made me even more hungry to get after it once it got good. I was able to get out and shoot with Surface designer extrordinaire Jay Eichorst a lot this season and we were able to capture many rad moments in time. It was my first season on Surface skis, needless to say I was stoked and many new doors opened up from there.4) Where did you grow up skiing? I had the incredible fortune of growing up skiing at Alta!5) What's the deal with Precip Hats? Hand made creations brought to you by Annie Aschim and myself. Get one, your life will be better!6) Would you rather drink oj or do yoga? Presented with the choice I would choose that fresh squeezed OJ7) What sort of music are you interested in? I am interested in the trans formative music that when listened to the listener is taken to an entirely new place.8) What is the most signifcant book you have ever read?"Days of War, Nights of Love" by Crimeth Inc., provacative independent thinking. 9) All time favorite day while skiing? All time favorite day skiing would have to be a Country Clubbin Day I had with Annie, epic deep pow all day public didn't even make it up until 2:30. 10) How many pushups can you do? I just did 45, with some more training I think I could up it a bit!11) What are you most pleased with in your life? I am grateful for my health and ability to gain a broad perspective on just what it is we are all doing here.12) What is your greatest accomplishment on snow? Beingness13) List five items you could never live withoutsunglasses, water bottle, chap stick, good shoes and a good bed14) what are 5 things you have no time for? Intolerance, Facebook, war, blind consumption and "fast food"15) What is your favorite thing in life? Love, in every sense and in every realm of life!

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